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Deb's Top 10 Household Items You Can List TODAY


Next time you're home, look around and visualize dollar signs! There are many excess items you can grab from your house to list right away via platforms like Facebook Online Yard Sale groups, Marketplace, and OfferUp (which now owns Letgo).


Here are 10 ideas to get you started.  (See pictures of some of my sale items below.) Have any of these things? Pick something from each category.  Why wait? You can’t sell it if you don’t list it.  You can even use them in the meantime.  What have you got to lose except your stuff?

  1. Exercise equipment, including BIKES! I’ve sold 2 recently. (Why did I have 2 extra bikes in my garage? Don't ask.)

  2. Decorative wall art/clocks/mirrors

  3. Lamps

  4. Holiday decorations

  5. Accent furniture

  6. Tables/coffee tables

  7. Small appliances (and large, actually!)

  8. Extra dishes and serving platters

  9. Toys/baby strollers/baby gear

  10. Electronics 

My Actual Items Sold

Options for Inspiration

Please check out my quick-start guide Best Offer, Best Life! here for my best tips for selling success.  It’s a 100-page book that’s easy to read and gives a blueprint for your success.

I’ve also got a 21-Day DEBinar Challenge (hosted by Udemy) to give you structure for your mission.  Buy it now on sale… and start it at your convenience.  Join my email list for an 85% off discount coupon!

Through the Udemy app on-the-go or via computer, I'll help you every step of the way.

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Start making your current home feel twice as big with half the stuff.

"You can do it. You’ve got this. Now, go SELL it!" (Best Offer, Best Life!, p.95)

Udemy's Description:

"Trade your clutter for cash! #1 Best-selling author and podcaster Deb Colameta made thousands of dollars by purging her family's small home and selling their items through online yard sales.

Using her trademark humor and playful style, Deb will explain her top techniques for selling household excess. Imagine your house with less STUFF! You’ll be at least 200 items lighter (and maybe a little richer) if you follow the strategies featured. Follow it over 3 weeks or at your own pace. It’s a lifestyle. It works.

Find ways to protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint.

Plus, get a link to Deb's article describing solutions and suggestions for a no-contact, socially-distant selling approach.

By finding valuable inventory within your home, you can quickly recoup the cost of the course.

The course is purposely designed with fewer on-screen graphics to make it convenient to listen and learn while you purge your space. No more procrastinating!

Redefine your wealth. Start seeing potential financial opportunity and dollar-signs as you look around your home. Sign up today!"

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