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Universal Florida
Travel Tips

by Deb Colameta

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If you want a FLEXIBLE “no-park-reservations-required-truly-be-on-vacation” vacation like we did, Universal Florida is your destination!


The Colameta Family did a 7-Day Deep Dive staying on property and it was all smiles 😬 all (most of) the time during our epic vacation! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Totally recommend it!

You all know I love a good bargain. By no means was this a “bargain”, but it was a good “value” for a vacation because we got our money’s worth. I try to budget during our real life so that we can financially let loose on vacation.

Here are a few ideas for getting the most out of your Universal Florida trip.


* You pretty much have to get the Express Pass. It’s worth every penny so consider it part of the cost of admission. We explored so much more of the park by jumping all the lines and averted several meltdowns (for mom and dad too.)


* Take a taxi from the MCO airport to the grocery store nearest to the hotel and load up on a few cases of bottled water and snacks for the hotel. Small additional cost for the taxi waiting, but totally saves you money by not having to buy the $5 bottles water in the heat!


* Bring a stroller or collapsible wagon If your kid is borderline age to be in a stroller, bring it. They’ll need it by the end of the day and you can put your stuff in it and waters. We didn’t bring ours and I wish we did.


* On hot days, a water sprayer is with a fan built-in is a must. Try to remember to bring your own because they are about $20 in the park.


* Have an old necklace lanyard lying around from a conference? Bring it for the Universal passes for quick entrance to the rides and quick access- you’ll need it!


* A waterproof phone case works just as well and will keep your electronics dry on the wet rides and during those FL downpours.


* Definitely bring baseball caps because the sun is just brighter in Florida. Better yet, a hat with a brim


Wear your bathing suit under your clothes onto the plane. That way you can just arrive at the hotel and head straight to the pool while you wait to check in! Remember to pack a bag with pool essentials. (Towels are available at the parks’ hotels, of course.)


* Speaking of bathing suits, if they tolerate it, have your kids wear their bathing suits under their clothes to the park. There are lots of water opportunities when it’s super hot outside.


* Bring totally disposable plastic hangers so that you can quickly hang your clothes, then recycle them at the hotel with have more room in your suitcase for souvenirs!


* Bring a small backpack, a cinch sack, and a Murse. (A small purse or bum bag that dad will feel comfortable carrying! Lol) Small backpacks are to distribute water with kids so Mom doesn’t end up acting as the family pack mule. 


Popcorn bucket with cheap refills is a great value and keeps hunger at bay when the hungry horrors hit.


Soda refill cup- it’s on a chip timer & daily rate but I saw one guy poured it into an empty water bottle if you don't like the idea of a shared “family drink." 

* Most of all... have fun! Hey- this is why we budget all the other days of the year.

Enjoy the extreme vacation!

xoxo Deb

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