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Clear out the old...
make room for the YOU!

Resources for every budget.

Work 1:1 with Deb Package includes


Unlike an estate auction,

you keep any money earned from your sales!
Please contact Deb
for more info.

Pricing starts at $475 with multi-client

(bulk pricing) packages available.

Here are just a few of the items I have purged successfully

by giving or selling.

Video Editing, Presenting
and Social Media Services

Please contact Deb for more info.
Pricing starting at around $75 hourly.

Lectures and Workshops-
In-person and Virtual

Packages start at $975 and includes an
interactive presentation, audience Q&A,
and signed copies of Best Offer, Best Life!
Please contact Deb
for more info.

The   DEBinar
On DEBmand Learning!
Self-guided Course Webinar
priced at $95.

Pssst... Join TheDebSite mailing list for a HUGE coupon,
plus a resource
"Freebie from Debi!"

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Podcast, Newsletter, Blog, and Social (Links Below) 
FREE (but *ahem* invaluable) Resources!

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