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She looked around her crowded little house, a shrinking space for her growing family.  “What can I do with all this stuff?” she wondered. “I don’t want to throw away perfectly good items when there are people out there who could use it.  There has to be a better way.”

Deb found a better way. 

Deb Colameta created a formula for financial success by leveraging the power of online yard sales.  Deb Colameta’s #1 best-selling book Best Offer, Best Life! uses entertaining anecdotes to teach the audience how to achieve online yard sale success. The real-life examples in Best Offer, Best Life! motivate readers to sell household excess through social media and free apps. 

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Whether the reader is new to online yard sales or a seasoned seller looking to improve the rate of successful online sales, readers can start applying these tips immediately!

Plus, learn about the multiplier effects of the purging and selling process, beyond cash in hand. This is wealth, redefined.  It’s environmentalism in disguise and helps build community through individual connections.


Deb connects with her audience:

  • Upcycling with Deb, TV show and podcast

  • Webinars (Debinars)

  • Speaking and media tour

  • #1 Best Selling Book, Best Offer, Best Life!

It is possible to improve your life through being financially responsible, living large (and within your means) and practicing environmental awareness. 

Deb did it! And she wants to share her strategies with thousands of other families.  


As an award-winning professor at Northeastern University, Deb has taught hundreds of graduate-level students in the Corporate and Organizational Communications program. 


Deb lives near Boston with her husband and two young children.

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Deb's also an Adjunct Professor.
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