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3 Ideas for Selling your Stuff Online Using My “No Contact” Technique

by Deb Colameta, Author of Best Offer, Best Life!

A reporter recently asked me, "Is there was a way to sell through online yard sales while being socially distant?"  It didn't take me but a moment to respond.

"YES! There's no better time than while quarantined at home to tackle your junk pile."

Here are 3 ways you can leverage online yard sales while in quarantine.

Both seller and buyer should use fresh gloves and wear masks when handling the item initially.


1. If using Facebook and there is some degree of connection to the buyer, the seller could use Venmo or Paypal to collect payment, provide the home address for pick up, and leave the item in a bin at the end of the driveway. 

2. Prepare ahead. Pinpoint a few key items to sell, write the ad copy/details now in a document and post/trigger the sale at a future time after the quarantine.


3. If your postal carrier is willing to pick up packages at your doorstep, you could sell using a nationwide platform like eBay and ship the items.  Experts say that the flux in temperatures and shipping time is enough to lessen COVID 19 risk.


There’s also the option to give the items away (“freecycling”) by letting your social media connections know.  Even when donating or giving items away, you gain more space in your house. That’s a win/win!


With unemployment on the rise, many people are searching the couch cushions for every extra coin.  Online yard sales are a great way to get quick funds and clear your space. 


It’s also tough to find certain items or shop when the stores are closed.  If you have extra toys or games, recipients can get them for a reduced cost/free and skip the trip to a germy store.


No more excuses. It's time to get rid of your excess. If not now, when?

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