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We were in a quarantine quandary.


My daughter wanted a drive-by parade, but also wanted to say hello to friends. So our family photographer inspired us with an idea... Our FAVORITE local baker helped make this birthday wish come true.


Honestly... This might be the future of birthday parties, even AFTER quarantine!! Watch the video to find out how we pulled this off! I emphasized "no gifts" so people didn't have to hit the stores in quarantine. Caitlyn was FINE with this (especially once I said we'd make up for it with our own gifts!) The sickness affects everything and she "gets" that.


Those who didn't give gifts made GORGEOUS signs and cards so Caitlyn was thrilled. We scheduled it only 2 days ahead to see the weather report (AND because the plan crystalized last minute).


We used a Polaroid-style instant camera for her birthday, but you could try borrowing one from a friend, too! We went to the houses of 8 local friends from school (gotta keep it local for this to work!).


We scheduled visits on the half hour and spent a few minutes talking and waving to friends outside. My Quarantine Queen got a hero's welcome at each home because it was a little perk up for everyone's day.


We took 2 instant camera pictures- one for the birthday girl's album and one for the family we were visiting. The kids were amazed at the picture "technology" developing before their eyes. Most had not seen (anyone shake it, shake it like) a Polaroid picture before!


We delivered a Birthday Party To-Go Bag to each child and their siblings - DELICIOUS slice of bakery pizza (easier to transport than a floppy triangular style) - SCRUMPTIOUS cupcake with a "C" for my girl - Napkin - Juicebox - Self-contained craft kit/painting activity from the Dollar Tree Parents seemed to like the convenience (and the complete meal kit for the kiddos!).


Everything was individually wrapped at the bakery and sealed with a sticker so families felt hopefully felt safer eating the food. It's outdoors so no one has to worry about a clean house (or germs.) This was an activity that stretched through most of the day (ie- killed time!).


And best of all, when I asked her what her favorite part of her birthday was, she said, "Giving the goody bags to my friends!"


And another bonus? This was WAY more affordable than a jumpy-castle birthday party for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Win/win all around!


Happy Birthday!

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