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Imagine earning $1,000 for clearing your own household excess.

Introducing Club 1,000

Club 1,000 is a benchmark status that gives you an online selling goal for 2021.

Once you sell $1,000 worth of your stuff? You’re in Club 1,000.

Benefits include:

  • Your first potential $1,000 earned from your own sales.

  • A home that feels twice as big with half the stuff.

  • Experiencing for yourself the multiplicative benefits of clearing your clutter.  

Deb offers these resources to help you achieve your Club 1,000 selling goals.

Participate in a live “Clutter Kickoff Call” with Deb in early 2021.

  • Deb will address your online yard sale questions to help you toward your Club 1,000 goal.

  • Bring your success stories to inspire others!

Call details (TBA) will be sent via email to subscribers. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter here:

Enroll in the DEBinar on Udemy

  • On-the-go and self-paced (aka on DEBmand!)

  • Think of it like a weight loss program for your clutter.

Read (or listen to) Deb's quick # 1 best-selling guide to online yard sales. Available in print, Kindle, and now audiobook.

​Subscribe to the free podcast Upcycling with Deb to hear inspiration while you purge. ​

​Follow @DebColameta on social media (links down below).

Can't wait to "see" you in class... and in Club 1,000!

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