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There’s so much out of our control this school year, but technology? I can help with that! My goal is to make good tech practices accessible to everyone.


Another teacher told me, “Deb, I WISH I had all your tech tips in the beginning of the remote learning.” 

Parents, teachers, small business owners: empower yourself this school year.


I’ve recently been working with teachers and small business owners to help them improve the tech experience in our new virtual world.


Now YOU can access my 10+ years of communication consulting experience, including

  • 7+ years teaching graduate courses on ground and online at Northeastern University, topic: effective remote team communication

  • Supporting clients, students, and educators located around the country and internationally

  • Expertise in virtual communication platforms* including MS Teams*, Zoom*, GoToMeeting*, WebEx*, Cisco*, Ultra* and LMS such as Google Classroom*, Blackboard* and Canvas*

  • Master’s degree in Communications (Syracuse BSc in Communications)

  • Busy working mom who understands the challenges this new virtual learning creates for families


For the price of a teacher tutoring session,

  • I’ll answer your questions 1:1

  • Suggest budget-friendly resources based on your needs and

  • Help set you up for tech success this school year and beyond.

The discount typically reserved for schools and libraries is now available to individual educators and parents for a limited time**… only until my kids and I return to school ourselves! 



Get your teaching team together and make the affordable investment to reduce your teaching tech stress.

Email me today for a quote and availability.


Thanks for your interest!

* I have no affiliation with the above-mentioned technology platforms which have their own trademarks.  This helps me to make tech-agnostic suggestions that are not driven by any sponsorship. 


** Sale price is for a limited time and is based on appointment availability.

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